The Sobriety Experiment


Are you ready…..

+to live a fulfilling, fun life without booze? (I’ll teach you how!) +to ditch the drunk/ hangover/ shame cycle and take the leap into a new way of life? (I’ll lead you!) +for a program centered around your unique needs? (YOUR soul is the guide in this program!) +to heal your mind, body and soul? (I use a holistic approach to heal your whole being.) + to break through the fear of never being able to drink again? (Your life, your choice. Complete the experiment and then decide for yourself!) +to embody tools that will carry you through anything that life throws at you? (I will fill your toolbox with a unique blend of mindful tools- you choose what works for YOU!)

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The Sobriety Experiment requires you to be brave NOT perfect.

At the end of our 100 days together you will……

+ know yourself on a soul level and be able to identify your patterns and triggers.

+ learn how to break free of anything (and everything) that holds you down. It’s time to RISE!

+ connect to your sober sisters, all who will be cheering for you every step of the way.

+ release shame.

+ get crystal clear on the support you need-and learn how to ask for it.


How does it work?

When you’re ready, The Sobriety Experiment requires only ONE thing from you…a commitment. All we ask is that you commit to yourself and to this program for 100 days.

You can join The Sobriety Experiment anytime and have access to the content for life.

The program is designed to be accessible and fit your unique needs. I want this to feel exciting and supportive. Here are the juicy deets:

+We will cover 5 modules over the course of 100 days. Each module has 4 video lessons.

+Your ‘homework’ is all about how the given theme relates to you. The ‘assignments’ are meant to spark healing, you don’t want to skip out on doing them!

+Resources will be shared- books, podcasts, blogs and videos that will help deepen your understanding of each topic.

+Q & A coaching sessions with every module.

+Our secret Facebook group (which provides 24/7 support) is where we will guide one another. The coaches at My Soul Sobriety are the absolute best and are here to support you.


What we’ll cover:

+ what keeps us stuck and drunk (and stuck drunk!)

+ practices that have been used in holistic healing for centuries and how to implement them into your own healing journey

+ simple tools to get you through the first few days and weeks

+ how to effectively reflect and learn how to break free of old patterns

+ building confidence in yourself and your relationships

+ creating sacred space in your home and your mind

+ and SO much more!

By signing up, you agree to the terms and conditions listed here.


Of course that’s not all! Check out what I am offering exclusively to anyone who signs up for The Sobriety Experiment…

+lifetime access to the content! Once you register, the content is there for you for life!

+33% discount on coaching and Boxer access

+33% discount on Sober Sister Circles- my signature event, which happens seasonally here in Medfield, MA.

+33% discount on Life 2.0 or Sober Sister Circle Leadership Program, My Soulful Sobriety’s follow-up programs.

What’s the investment?

Investing in ourselves is the greatest form of self-care. $333 is the cost of the program. If you’re hesitating to commit, I invite you to watch this video, where I cover the importance of prioritizing our investments. We now offer a monthly payment plan! You can pay for this program in three separate installments of $122. If cost is holding you back from enrolling, apply for one of our scholarships here.

By investing, you agree to the terms and conditions listed here.


Why charge? (Other programs are free!)

+ Do the math. How much money do you spend on alcohol in 100 days? On average, I spent $2,000 a month. What’s your number? Let’s be honest, you’re saving money to change your life.

+ This program costs less than a daily latte.

+ You get what you pay for and when we pay, we pay attention!

+ When you invest in yourself, you show up.

+ This is the best gift you could give yourself!

By signing up, you agree to the terms and conditions listed here.