The Sobriety Experiment

Perfect for the Sober Curious or anyone ready to change their relationship with alcohol, The Sobriety Experiment provides you with everything you need for the first 100 days substance-free.

Through coaching and community, The Sobriety Experiment is the perfect place to explore your relationship to substances- and to yourself.


Life 2.0

This program will answer life’s BIG questions, ‘WHO am I?’ and ‘WHY am I here?’

Now that we have clear minds (thanks to The Sobriety Experiment), we can learn to listen to our intuition and tap into our life’s purpose.

This program will teach you how to come home to yourself, get clear on what you want and go. for. it.


Sober Sister Circle- Leadership Program

A program for leaders and those yearning to bring sober sister circles to their area. This program, which includes an in-person weekend retreat, is perfect for those ready to share the magic of sisterhood with the world. Limited spots available. Application admittance.