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Renee Carlson is a mom of two who once lived a life of monotony and average-ness, counting down the hours until she could have a drink. She started a new way of life in 2018, one that didn't include alcohol.

Renee, also known as The Sober Witch, documented every step of her journey on her blog and Instagram (@soberwitch). Through her online community and in-person sober sister circles, Renee has empowered hundreds of women to live their best lives sober!


A note from Renee.

Hi honey. I am so glad you're here. I have created each of my unique programs with YOU in mind. They're led by me, but this work is guided by YOUR soul. I have walked this walk and I know how much bravery it takes to say YES to the possibility of change.

More than just getting sober and/ or focusing on the addict in you, My Soulful Sobriety programs are about tuning in, dreaming big and raising the consciousness of the planet one sober sister at a time.

Alcohol is one of the tools used to keep us small, dimmed and numb. Once we strip it away, we can tune into our true calling and tap into our gifts.

The planet NEEDS us clear, strong and sober right now. It's calling upon us to rise up use our voices and make big change. Are you ready?




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