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Invest in Yourself

It's time to prioritize your spending and start investing in yourself. With a little finagling, paying for a program that will change your LIFE is 100% figureoutable. Are you bargain shopping for your transformation? Stop that sh*t, watch this video.

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Big Little Lies- Drinking Edition. A FREE guide to the truth.

Lies keep us drunk and stuck- and stuck drunk! In this free guide, learn the truth behind the lies we tell ourselves.



In her early days of recovery, Renee found solace in hearing other women’s stories. She felt comfort in the relatability of their journeys. With the belief that there has never been a better time in history to rise up and share your story, she shares with vulnerability and honesty.

The good, the bad the (VERY) ugly- it’s all here. From boundaries to forgiveness to sex, she shares her own story in a real, raw and relatable way.

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Named in the ‘Top Ten Most Influential Sober Accounts’, @soberwitch is a place to get free bits of wisdom.

Renee’s account is about laughing at our drunken pasts and celebrating our sober futures.