My Soulful Sobriety

 Welcome Home, Sister.


What is My Soulful Sobriety?

My Soulful Sobriety is a revolutionary movement. Focusing on creating lives we LOVE, My Soulful Sobriety’s programs teach women how to live their best lives. With three programs to choose from, My Soulful Sobriety has something for women at all stages of recovery- and life! Read more about our offerings here.


Our Mission

Our soul only speaks when our head is clear.

At My Soulful Sobriety, our mission goes far beyond getting sober.

We teach women how to answer the life-long questions of ‘who am I?’ and ‘why am I here?’.

We use a combination of ancient practices to create programs that work.

We give women the tools they need to live their best lives.


Meet the Founder

Renee Carlson is a mom of two who once lived a life of monotony and averageness, counting down the hours until she could have a drink. She started a new way of life in 2018, one that didn't include alcohol.

Renee, also known as The Sober Witch, documented every step of her journey on her blog and Instagram (@soberwitch). Through her online community and in-person sober sister circles, Renee has empowered hundreds of women to live their best lives sober!



Renee’s work is going to change the world.
— Sarah Jenks- spiritual and women's empowerment coach. Founder of Whole Woman.
I love the vibe that Renee created for the sober sister circle. I attended alone, but felt part of the whole as soon as I got there. It was so calming to come together with a group of diverse, yet like minded souls. I would recommend this event to absolutely anyone in the recovery community or the sober curious. It was a very peaceful afternoon and it was certainly time well spent on self-care. I can’t wait to attend another!
— Kristen L.
I loved everything about the Sober Sister Circle. The sharing and connections were so empowering. I have the highest gratitude for Renee’s work.
— Leah A.
In a world with outdated rules around recovery, Renee approaches sobriety in her own unapologetic and deeply healing way. She is magnetic, a gifted teacher, a dear friend, and a bright light this world needs. I just LOVE her and you will too!
— Jessica Winthrop- Oney. Transformative Life Coach and Mindfulness Coach
Access to The Sobriety Experiment is EVERYthing. Although it is created for women in their first 100 days, I dove in with a month of sobriety under my belt. The tools and support are so unique and powerful. Renee’s work is pure MAGIC.
— Alex V.